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This post talks about one of the very useful “terminal backspace setting for AIX” connection.

While working on a putty(or any other telnet) connection to AIX, I have seen a lot of guys frustrated with the default behaviour on a “Backspace” key. Instead of deleting the character previous to the one cursor is positioned on; it generates “Ctrl ?” or “Ctrl H”  control sequence on the telnet/ssh connection.
The workaround is to use “Shift+Backspace” key. This key combination works as intended i.e. deletes the character previous to the one pointed by cursor.

One other elegant workaround is to use the AIX stty command to assign a control character to the character string generated on pressing the “Backspace” key.

From the stty man page :

       To assign a control character to a character string, type:
       stty Control String

In our case we want to assign string “Ctrl ?” to the control parameter ‘erase’. So we have to use :

stty erase ‘^?’

Best thing is to add the above command into the .profile  file of your AIX machine and let it take care to set it every time you open a new connection to the AIX box.



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  1. Bjorn says:

    In the past I have used below sequence in vi command line mode, since the control characters depend on the login terminal type (also for saving to .kshrc/.profile):


    Where the ESC enter command mode; CTRL-V enter escape character insert mode; and whatever the actual backspace key is (such as CTRL-h).

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