I’ll show how to configure a modem to setup a newly got BSNL Dataone home broadband connection.

Most of the steps are simple to do and understand, but few are tricky, which made me share it; so that newbies can save a lot of time …

I got an “i-ball Baton” ADSL modem with my new connection. Make sure you connect at least 3 ports from behind of your ADSL modem :

  1. Power cord
  2. RJ-11 telephone cable coming from a splitter or the extn. line of your landline phone.
  3. Ethernet cable coming from your Desktop/Laptop connecting RJ-45 port

Most standard ADSL modems have four/five lights in the front :

  1. Power light to indicate electric power to the modem.
  2. ADSL light indicates the status of ADSL sync. When the modem is synchronized with the ADSL line card at the other end of the circuit/loop, the DSL light will be steady green.
  3. LAN light will glow steady green when the modem detects a successful link to a computer or router ethernet port.
  4. ACT i.c. Activity light glows when the modem is sending and/or receiving data on the lan and wan. It will vary between very slow to fast flashing and steady green to indicate lan/wan traffic.

Once the wiring connection is setup, it’s time to setup the modem.

  1. In the web-brower of the system connected to the modem, open up
  2. Go to the “Quick Start” tab and click on “RUN WIZARD”

  1. The “Quick Start” setup will be over in three steps as shown

  1. Select the appropriate time-zone and click “NEXT”

  1. Choose “PPoE/PPoA” as the ISP Connection Type and click “NEXT”

  1. This is an important screen. Carefully enter your username and password provided by BSNL. A wrong entry of username/password is a very common mistake among consumers. The give VPI field as “0”(the number zero) and VCI field as “35”. VPI and VCI values depend upon the provider and for BSNL it is 0 and 35 respectively.

  1. The “Quick Start” is almost done. Click on “NEXT” to save the new configuration. IF any confusion go “BACK” and come again.

  1. As a next to check if your setup is proper, go to “Maintenance” tab and select the sub-tab “Diagnostics”. There you can test for Virtual Circuit PVC0 and PVC1, to see if all the tests passed. In my case the test results looks like this for PVC0

  1. and the test result for PVC1

  1. the setup is done and you should be able to surf the Internet. In case of any issues you can go to the “Status” tab and then click on “System Log” to get the details of the message.


3 Responses to setup BSNL broadband Dataone home connection

  1. Vipul Nambiar says:

    Hey, i have encountered a problem through easy set up saying to check my WAN paramteres again. The easy set up fails in the last step of the Easy installation of I ball 150M Wireless -N ADSL2 + router. I did the manual set up by following above procedure. The status tab shows the Ip address but i am not able to load any pages through the browser. Help required in setting up WAN parameters in Advanced set up. Awaiting reply. Thank you

  2. Vipul Nambiar says:

    Hey, I have iB-WRA150N Modem Router. I am getting problem in bsnl. Even though the status shows the dynamic ip, I am not able to load any web pages in the browser! the easy set up shows error 020 in the last step of the configuration i.e WAN parameters
    P.S VPI/VCI is 0-35 already
    help required in other WAN parameters

  3. admin says:

    Look at these logs
    1. maintenance->diagnostics
    2. status->system_log

What do you think ?