One of the best things on Ubuntu (which also increases it’s user friendliness) is “Synaptic Package Manager”.

Apart from providing easy and user-friendly interface to install/uninstall required software; it also has other cool features. One of them is to recover from a bad updates.

Let me give a step by step guide on how on to get that done.

1. You receive a recommended update.













2. As an obedient user,  you accept the recommendation.













3. After the updates; you find something wrong in your system. Highly unlikely (but possible; because of your custom configuration/softwares).  For e.g. you find that newer  version of tzdata is the culprit. What do you do now?

Open the big boss “Synaptic Package Manager” search for” tzdata” in the search bar.










4. Then select “Package” from the menu-options and click on “Force Version”.

It will show a dialog box something like this; from where you can choose the previous version and install.









Quite simple huh 🙂

Long long live the “Synaptic Package Manager” ….


What do you think ?

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