It is always a good idea to change your login passwords on a regular basis…

I do it because I am forced to, my employers policy forces me to change password every 60 or 90 days 🙂

But when we change our login password we have to cross an additional layer of security i.e. the keyring password. Something like this will come up every time you login







It is always a good idea to also change your keyring password to the same as your login password. It reduces the overhead of typing in and remembering two different passwords 🙂

How to do that ?

1. Open up from the menu “Accessories”->”Passwords and Encryption Keys”










2. An application with something like this will open up. Select “Passwords” and right click on it to get “Change Password” option.
















From now on; both your login and keyring passwords are set to same. Enjoy !!!


What do you think ?

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